Securities and Investment Fraud Claims

Securities fraud takes on many different forms.  Sometimes companies, corporate insiders, hedge funds, brokers and others make false or misleading statements or omit to disclose material information.  Other times they promise unrealistically high returns or perpetuate fraud through the misuse or misappropriation of investment funds.  The attorneys at DWH Legal are well versed in the laws enacted for your protection and are frequently retained to help investors recover losses resulting from securities fraud.

The attorneys at DWH Legal are uniquely qualified to represent individual investors in any type of security fraud claim.  We have years of experience dealing with securities fraud cases, and have a deep understanding of how capital markets and the regulatory environment works.  As a result, we are able to quickly identify many types of securities fraud that typically cause harm to investors, including:

  • Broker misconduct
  • Insider trading
  • Ponzi and Prime Bank schemes
  • Issuance of false and misleading statements by public companies
  • Misstatements of corporate earnings
  • Fraudulent representations of stock performance
  • Market manipulation
  • False and misleading statements by hedge funds or other pooled investment vehicles
  • Conversion and theft
  • Breach of fiduciary of duty
  • Failure to perform due diligence

Due to the complexity of securities fraud matters it is important to work with experienced attorneys.  Our attorneys understand the nature of and the financial ramifications of securities fraud, as well as the stresses it causes investors.  We will work to recover your losses.  If you think you are the victim of securities fraud please contact us for a free no-commitment evaluation of your situation.